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Mimaki Core Technologies

Mimaki’s Unique Features

As a technology driven company, we invest a lot in R&D and put a lot of effort into creating innovative technologies and pioneering products.
With our vision “Something New, Something Different” we are committed to develop innovative technologies that enable you to realize your ideas and make a difference in your business, against your competition, or to the community and environment around you. At Mimaki, we believe that our customers should have confidence that their printers and plotters deliver efficiently and consistently outstanding results.

Mimaki printers include core technologies and unique features that offer the best print quality, maximum productivity and reduced exposure to risks that can delay production. See a list of Mimaki’s Core Technologies below.


MAPS | Mimaki Advanced Pass System: to reduce banding

This core technology utilises an advanced algorithm which, based on ink colour, density and speed, calculates the required ink spray at the pass boundaries. It reduces banding and offers the assurance that your prints look spectacular even at higher speeds.

Wave Form Control

WFC | Wave Form Control: for optimum sharpness

This core technology optimises the shape and position of any ink drop upon reaching the media, regardless of the print conditions, giving you the certainty that your images are optimised even at lower resolutions.

Variable Dot Technology

VDT | Variable Dot Technology: for smoother gradations

This technology enables the piezo print head to create ink drops of different sizes, allowing much smoother gradations of colour tones while increasing image details.

Mimaki Fine Diffusion

MFD | Mimaki Fine Diffusion: for smoother colour tones

This image technology uses an advanced dithering process which produces smoother colour tones while reducing image noise, ensuring your images are optimised even at lower resolutions.

Mimaki Clear Control

MCC | Mimaki Clear Control: for a beautiful finish

This technology ensures the curing of clear ink to a single pass, preventing dust adhesion or air bubbles to appear on the printed surface, assuring a spectacular glossy clear print.

Mimaki Intelligent Heater

MIH | Mimaki Intelligent Heater: for consistent image quality

This patented core technology maintains the optimum dot gain via an accurate temperature control, assuring consistent image quality between print runs.

Nozzle Check Unit

NCU | Nozzle Check Unit: to detect defective nozzles

This core technology monitors nozzle outages and automatically activates a series of recovery functions, ensuring that your production and costs are not impacted.

Nozzle Recovery System

NRS | Nozzle Recovery System: to substitute missing nozzles

This core technology automatically assigns operational nozzles when an outage is detected, giving you the guarantee that your production and costs are not affected.

Jam Sensor

Jam Sensor: to prevent head damage

This sensor, attached to the print carriage, will detect even the slightest wrinkle or draped surface and stops carriage movement immediately to prevents head damage.

Automatic Cleaning Function

ACF | Automatic Cleaning Function: to keep the print head clean

This technology ensures that print heads are always kept clean, reducing the chance of clogged nozzles and ensuring continuous productivity while reducing downtime.

Automatic Wiper Cleaner

AWC | Automatic Wiper Cleaner: to keep the wiper clean

This technique ensures the wiper is kept at an optimum state, allowing quick and effective cleaning, while avoiding colour mixing in the print head.

Mimaki Circulation Technology

MCT | Mimaki Circulation Technology: to prevent pigment sedimentation

This technology regularly agitates inks that are susceptible to settling – such as White or Silver – guarding and stablilising the ink supply and reducing maintenance time.

Mimaki Degassing Module

MDM | Mimaki Degassing Module: to remove air from the ink channel

This module eliminates gasses or bubbles inside the ink, thereby preventing nozzle failure and ensuring the highest print quality while reducing maintenance time.

Mimaki Bulk Ink System

MBIS | Mimaki Bulk Ink System: for scalability of production

This technology enables easy scalability to higher ink capacities at lower ink prices, enabling your production to grow to your needs without influencing costs.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply System

UISS | Uninterrupted Ink Supply System: for uninterrupted ink supply

This technology lengthens the maximum print run, thanks to a larger ink capacity, ensuring uninterrupted productivity whilst avoiding half-empty ink cartridges/bottles.

Automatic Media Feeder

AMF | Automatic Media Feeder: for stable textile feeding

This technology ensures continuous and stable conveying, while maintaining optimum tension in the fabric, ensuring a consistent image density even during long jobs.

Automatic Media Clamp

AMC | Automatic Media Clamp: for accurate media feeding

This technology automatically adjusts the pinch roller pressure throughout the whole process of print and cut to ensure the highest print and cut accuracy without leaving traces on the print.

ID Cut

ID Cut: to increase productivity

This solution simplifies the complete print & cut workflow, not only reducing labour and media loss, as a result of operation errors, but strongly increasing the overall productivity.

Crop Mark Detection

Crop Mark Detection: for a high accurate cut

This technology scans for consecutive crop marks throughout the nested images and realigns the media accordingly, thereby achieving a highly accurate cut to every image.

Half Cut

Half Cut: to reduce manual labour

This technology combines ‘die cut’ and kiss cut’ in a single contour, leaving a few connection points which hold the image in place after cutting on the roll of media.

Over Cut

Over Cut: for easy weeding

This technology cuts a perfect intersection at the start- and endpoint in a single contour, ensuring easy weeding of the vinyl.

Corner Cut

Corner Cut: for the perfect contour cut

This technology creates the perfect intersection at all sharp corners in a single contour, ensuring the ideal cut.

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