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Environmental Policy

Mimaki is dedicated to preserving the environment. We are certified in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001, with strict criteria for an effective environmental management system.

Our Environmental Principle

  • Corporate-wide policies designed to ensure systematic continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts, with explicit steps to ensure all employees are aware of our environmental policies.
  • Compliance with all legal regulations and other requirements associated with environmental sustainability, including a range of independent internal standards in addition to those required by law.
  • Efficient company proceedings and workflows to preserve resources and energy, including:
    • Reducing consumption of electricity, fuel, natural resources and energy and industrial waste emissions.
    • Promoting recycling by segregating materials.
    • Preventing environmental pollution by controlling harmful chemicals.
    • Promoting environmental-friendly product design.
    • Reducing failure rate during the manufacturing process, thus reducing waste.
    • Implementing benchmark corrective action processes to address sustainability issues.
  • Educate partners and other stakeholders within our supply chain to broaden our influence over cooperative sustainability efforts and to increase overall sustainability efforts beyond our own corporation.
  • Expanding sales of our environmental-friendly products.
  • Helping customers enhance their own sustainability efforts.

Mimaki Europe embraces these corporate objectives and strives to reduce waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions wherever possible.


Mimaki Europe

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