22 Outubro, 2020

Os fabricantes de equipamentos de sinalética e exposição conseguem alargar os seus horizontes criativos com recurso à Mimaki 3DGD-1800. A impressão 3D proporciona possibilidades ilimitadas, no entanto, até ao momento presente, a limitada velocidade de produção das técnicas FDM convencionais tem vindo a inviabilizar a impressão 3D de grande formato. Mas isso acabou. A revolucionária […]


1 Outubro, 2020

Discover how to produce large-scale 3D objects at unrivalled production speeds Se pensa que a impressão 3D está limitada a pequenos objetos, então pense duas vezes. A nova impressora Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D é capaz de produzir objetos com até 1,8 metros de altura! E não se fica por aqui: oferece uma velocidade de produção incomparável. […]


20 Dezembro, 2018

The textile printing market is rather traditional. For example, only 4 percent currently use digital printers. The reasons for this are diverse, from sticking to familiar production methods to the fear of high investments. Mimaki wants to change that with the TS55-1800, a high-end digital textile printer for use with heat transfer sublimation paper. It […]

6 Dezembro, 2018

This morning FESPA Eurasia kicked off and General Manager Arjen Evertsen of our subsidiary in Turkey was invited to cut the ceremonial ribbon at the official opening. The exhibition is the region’s leading wide format digital printing, screen printing, signage, textile printing and garment decoration exhibition and welcomes visitors from 6 to 9 December 2018 […]

7 Novembro, 2018

With 3D printing, companies can convert digital prototypes of their products into physical objects at a breath-taking pace. In doing so, they arrive much faster at the right design and shorten their time-to-market. This provides great benefits for prototyping cosmetics packaging. However, previous 3D technology had a major limitation in terms of colour. Now this […]

2 Agosto, 2018

An analogue-to-digital transformation is currently taking place in the textiles and clothing market. Alongside conventional textile printing processes, digital printing is growing fast. Digital offers enormous potential to make production more efficient. And yet textile manufacturers cannot make use of all the opportunities, partly because the systems for the pre-treatment and post-treatment of textiles often […]

16 Julho, 2018

Digital printing is becoming more and more accessible and affordable. This leads to an increase in creative ways to create interior decoration using on-demand printing. Here are five inspiring ways to use digital print technology to decorate a home or business environment. Mark Sollman, Application Manager at Mimaki With any innovative technology, it can initially […]

11 Maio, 2018

Making a full-colour print on paper was once a costly and time-consuming process, but nowadays, cheap full-colour prints roll off affordable Inkjet printers in seconds. However, it is not widely known that 3D printers have also entered the full-colour era. With the Mimaki 3DUJ-553, it is possible to print very complex and realistic 3D objects […]

25 Abril, 2018

Hybrid Services Ltd is the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Mimaki and present at Sign & Digital UK 2018 with a wide range of Mimaki products, launching the new digital print icon. Meet them in Hall 18, booth E10. Sign & Digital UK is one of the first opportunities to see the new, smaller […]

16 Março, 2018

With the emergence of full colour 3D inkjet technology, the range of applications for 3D printers has become even wider.

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