Mimaki Europe B.V., sister companies and subsidiaries based in Europe are committed to protecting your personal data. Whether you visit this website, partake in a competition, sign up to our newsletter, or interact in any other way that ends up with us collecting data about you, we will ensure it is stored and handled in a way that protects your privacy as much as possible.

We’ll keep it safe

Mimaki will use your information to communicate with you regarding your request and their other services, and may forward it to a local authorised partner for follow-up. We will ensure that the personal data we keep about you, will only be used for what it is intended to be used for in the first place. That can be to fulfill our contract with you (for example, you buy something from us), or to inform you (for example, you signed up to our newsletter), but other purposes might apply. We will never share any personal data with other third parties without you knowing, or without your consent. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

We’ll use it wisely

For some interactions, we need your personal data to provide a service (for example: when you buy something, we need to know where to send the goods and the invoice to). For those kinds of actions, we will not ask for your consent. When we collect your data for marketing or research purposes, we will always ask for your permission to use this data. This means you have to click on a button like ‘I accept’ to agree that we are allowed to use your data. Additionally, we will ask you to accept our cookies. Some parts of the site might not work if you decline our cookies (that is just the way technology works, unfortunately).

You stay in control

You can always ask us what kind of personal data we have of you, request us to revise it when it is not accurate or current anymore, or (partly) delete your data if you do not want us to keep your private data anymore. In case you no longer want to receive marketing-related content, you can opt out by either using the links provided in our marketing mails or by contacting us directly.

Want to know more?

Please view our Full Privacy Policy for more detailed information.
If you have any questions regarding your personal data, please contact our data protection officer:

Postal address:
Stammerdijk 7E
1112 AA Diemen
The Netherlands

Email: info@mimakieurope.com
Phone: +31 20 4627640