A high quality, super-wide sublimation transfer inkjet printer …

Mimaki’s latest grand-format transfer paper printer delivers the ultimate in high productivity for the exhibition, retail and home furnishing markets with its combination of speed and high quality output. The machine’s industrial build quality and innovative technical features ensure new levels of performance and reliability.

High print speeds
Specially designed for flimsy media
Continuous unattended printing
  • Maximum print speed of 180m2/h (360 x 360dpi, 2 pass, Bi)
  • New 12 x printhead configuration in 3-row staggered array
  • New Sb310 high performance, low-cost sublimation transfer ink
  • External Bulk Ink System for long-run continuous printing with 3 litre containers
  • Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS)
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) ensures reliable continuous print operation
  • Cockling reduction transfer mechanism for higher quality print


Home furnishing & upholstery fabrics including Bedding and Curtains, Soft signage, Textile retail PoS, Light boxes, Exhibition and Portable display, Graphics, Wall art and much more…

Specifications, options and supplies of TS500P-3200


Item TS500P-3200
Print head On-demand piezo head 12 heads (In-line 4 head x 3 staggered alignment)
Print resolution X-direction : 360, 540, 720, 1,080dpi
Y-direction : 360, 540, 720dpi
Drop size Minimum: 6pl, Maximum: 25pl
Head gap Manual stepless adjustment 2.0mm – 7.0mm (3.0mm is the standard value)
Ink type Dye Sublimation transfer ink-SB310
(Bl, M, Y, K)
Ink set 4 colour (Bl, M, Y, K)
Ink volume 2 litre ink bottle
(each ink can be filled to the ink supply unit up to 3L)
Effective print width 3,290mm
Max. width 3,300mm
Roll weight Up to 130kg
Media thickness 0.2mm or less
Media cutter Cutting in Y direction by cutter on the head
Interface USB2.0 / Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Power supply Single-phase: AC 200V ~ 240V (±10%), 50/60 Hz (±1Hz), 29A or less
Power consumption 6960VA or less
Safety standard VCCI class A / FCC class A / UL60950-1ETL / CE Marking (EMC, Low
voltage, Machinery) CB test / RoHS/ REACH / Energy Star / RCM
Dimensions (W x D x H) Main unit : 5,620 x 1,800 x 1,820mm
Ink supply unit : 950 x 510 x 730mm
Weight Main unit : 1,500kg
Ink supply unit : 30kg



Item Product No. Note
Dye Ink
Blue SB310-BLT-BB 2 litre bottle
Magenta SB310-MT-BB
Yellow SB310-YT-BB
Black SB310-KT-BB
Flushing Liquid 03 FL003-Z-BB 2 litre bottle
Flushing Liquid 03 maintenance kit ML003-Z-K1 200ml bottle /  Dropper (x 2)



Item Product No. Note
Mimaki Target Colour Emulator SCE-001 Colour emulation software and colorimeter
TxLink3 Standard STX-0008 High-end software model
TxLink3 Professional STX-0009 High-end software model with colour separation processing capability

All TS500P-3200 inks are ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Features of TS500P-3200

Maximum-print-speedMaximum print speed of 180m2/h for high productivity

The TS500P-3200 optimizes the printing speed and quality to produce the desired print results. For this purpose, it provides a wide range of printing modes, from the draft printing mode (which operates at the maximum speed of 180m2/h) to high-quality printing mode.

Cockling-reduction media transportation mechanism ensures stable printing

Cockling-Reduction_abcdTS500P-3200 incorporates innovative features to reduce the effects of ‘cockling’ (the wrinkling of the media surface due to high levels of ink absorption, particularly when using low-cost or thin transfer papers).

  1. Two Post Heaters with independent temperature control gradually heat the media after printing to reduce ‘cockling’
  2. Vacuum media hold-down system smooths out cockling effects with vacuum suction beneath the platen
  3. Media
  4. Auto Media Feeder (AMF) maintains stable media feeding and take-up by automatically applying the correct tension

12 x Printhead configuration in staggered array


  • 12 print heads
  • 1 head: 800 nozzles (200 nozzles x 4 row)
  • For each colour, 3 print heads are staggered in-line


MAPSMimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS)

To prevent banding, swath boundaries are overprinted and boundaries prone to banding are printed with fewer ink droplets.



Continious uninterrupted printing features

Continuous Uninterrupted Printing Features
Continuous operation support minimizes the downtime
In the event of a nozzle malfunction not being repairable by the use of the maintenance function, printing can continue by the use of another nozzle, without any loss of productivity or a reduction in image quality.

Built-in large (3 L) ink containers for long-time continuous printing 
Continuous operation support pack minimizes the downtime. Large (3 L) ink containers are installed in an external ink supply unit. Ink can be filled into the container during long-time continuous printing. A degassing module is installed on the printhead carriage to allow the use of affordable undegassed inks.

Sophisticated RIP software maximizes the performance of TS500P-3200

Bundeld RIP Software



All TS500P-3200 inks are ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified.