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Introducing the brand new UJV100-160 LED-UV Printer

The new and highly competitive UJV100-160 is an absolute game changer, bringing together cost effective technologies with the flexibility and versatility to deliver faster than ever before. Utilising Mimaki’s 6th generation LED-UV technology to cure / dry the ink instantly, combined with print speeds of up to 23m2/h, your orders can be printed and shipped the same day. The enormous choice of print media, due to the low-heat LED-UV curing, allows you to seek (and find) new applications. Equipped with a two-layer print function using white- or clear ink and its incredible ease of use, you will not only outsmart your competitors, but exceed your customers’ expectations.

Outsmart the competition

  • Low running costs: Game changing combination of newly developed competitive ink, capable of printing on uncoated materials, along with reduced electricity consumption, thanks to UV-LED technology
  • Versatility: UV-LED technology enables printing on a wide range of materials, including both transparent and coloured materials
  • Flexibility: Instant-curing ink ensures direct finishing can be applied immediately, reducing job turnaround time by up to 90% compared to solvent printing
  • Print stability: Rely on Mimaki’s print stability technologies, including the new Dot Adjustment System, together with our Nozzle Check Unit and Nozzle Recovery System, to provide you with superior print quality and efficiency

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