– Ultimate high performance

Mimaki’s latest model “SWJ-3042 S2/S4” offers speed, quality and operability at an affordable introductory price. Two types are available to suit your needs. Experience the quality and innovation that Mimaki brings to your business!

– Mimaki High definition quality

Variable dots with a minimum of 7 picoliters ensure high resolution and performance. With Mimaki’s proprietary technology, sign productions around the world benefit to realize unrivalled high resolution and high definition prints.

Smooth prints without grainy appearance and sharp reproduction of small texts are achieved, as well as ensuring the reproducibility of pastel and human skin tones.

-Advanced nozzle recovery function to ensure continuous operation

Even when nozzle washing has no effect on troubled nozzle, the print image quality can be temporarily recovered, making it possible to keep working while waiting for a technician–avoiding downtime.

-Signature Mimaki maintainability

Mimaki’s reputation for ease of maintenance is one key purchase reason for clients. The new SWJ-320 S2/S4 are equipped with proven nozzle maintenance functions, keeping the print heads in optimal condition.

-Prints for all markets

High resolution printing can be realized on many substrates like tarpaulin or vinyls. The smooth non-grainy finish makes the SWJ-320 S2/S4 the ideal printer for outdoor and indoor applications at close viewing range.

More possibilities give more business opportunities..